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[Webinar] How to streamline the sales process through digitization

Cristian Ștefănescu, Commercial Director SMSO and Vlad Carstea, Software Developer, CosmoConsult met at a webinar to discuss the streamlining of the sales process through digitization.

Webinar full version recording is available in video format on our YouTube page.

Streamlining the sales process via SMS Marketing

Cristi Stefanescu presented the results of a study conducted in 2019 in Romania. It is about finding 19 million mobile connections, mobile devices that connect to the Internet and only 5 million fixed desktop connections. The same study shows that in the matter of the Romanian e-commerce market, the traffic recorded on mobile devices exceeded the traffic recorded on desktop devices. Consequently, businesses are forced to leave the traditional marketing area and move into the mobile environment.

Cristian Ștefănescu presents the interface of the SMSO platform, which is available both web and integrated through an API connection. The application menu provides vital functionalities required for conducting SMS marketing campaigns.

Since SMS has an opening rate of 95 -97% and is read within the first 3 minutes of delivery, it is the ideal tool to connect with customers or even employees. Therefore, through loyalty programs created with the help of the SMSO platform, business owners can not only make sure they get new customers, but also keep current customers.

What are the steps in sending a campaign via SMS?

  1.     Upload a document (or manually type one) containing customer contact details (name, phone number and city, where applicable).
  2.     Actual campaign creation:
  • choose a name of the campaign
  • select the pre-prepared contact list
  • choose the route to send the message (short routes or brand sent messages)
  • compose the message — for personalization purposes use the fields set out in the document containing customer data, with a single drag & drop action
  • schedule the campaign to be sent at the time and date of choice
  • send the campaign

The SMSO platform also provides detailed reports containing information on the campaign performance. Also, a great deal of attention is paid to the GDPR rules.  The SMSO packages also provide GDPR advice to ensure efficient and legal communication between companies and their target audience categories.

What are the products of the Dynamics 365 suite and what are their functions?

  • Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales helps organize sales cycles, opportunities, contacts and accounts. At the same time, it facilitates real-time visualization of metrics relating to the business in question. It integrates easily with Outlook or another system (ERP) and has a well-developed timeline. There are many, easily customizable dashboards that show business status or agenda with things to do, organized by priorities. Teams can be organized according to roles and organization charts. Microsoft has also integrated the import-export capabilities for Excel templates. From the same timeline you can set personal goals, for the team or for the company.

  • Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a tool that helps provide support by generating reports on various issues. The screen is intuitive, it is similar to Dynamics 365 Sales. Sometimes there is a procedure already in place to deal with a particular situation or to perform a certain task. It can then be transposed for future use by colleagues.

  • Marketing — used for campaigns or marketing lists, for event management.
  • Finance — used to obtain metrics and generate real-time predictions.
  • Project Service Automation — mainly used by project managers to organize their projects and keep track of contacts.
  • Field Service — used largely by hardware companies (power, logistics and transport, construction etc.) for employee management.

Microsoft also provides a Common Data Model platform, which is a common business base for most of major applications (Dynamics 365 App Suite, Power Automate, and Azure). This platform provides out-of-the-box connectivity.

For more useful webinars, stay tuned to the SMSO channel.

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