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Unsubscribe rate: How to keep it as low as possible?

Yes, it still happens sometimes. People unsubscribe from your promotional messages, and you don’t know what to do to bring them back. This can be difficult, but we can help you with a few tips to prevent the situation rather than solve it. So, this article is about how to keep your unsubscribe rate as low as possible.

First of all, you may be wondering what a reasonable unsubscribe rate is. This varies depending on the industry, of course. However, as a rule, the rate should not exceed 3% per campaign. If it goes beyond that, it is quite possible that you do not follow the rules that we are listing further on in this article.

1. Always provide an option to unsubscribe

Never force people to sign up and stay subscribed to your promotional messages. This practice is not only against regulations. It is also extremely intrusive. For example, when one opens a web page, one should never see a message from you saying “enter your number to continue”. Rather, you can suggest subscribing to your messages using a pop-up message that can easily be closed and ignored if the user does not intend to subscribe.

If you collect phone numbers using a web form, make sure that you include a check box that visitors need to click to confirm they want to receive promotional messages from you. It is recommended to always have this box unchecked by default. Otherwise, the user can inadvertently accept it. This way he will realize one moment that he is subscribed to your messages, not remembering to ever have done so. This situation is also an example of a violation of the GDPR regulations, so make sure you avoid it at all costs. See an example of the form below to get a better idea.

Exemplu de formular de abonare

2. Tell the people what they are signing up for

For example, when you place an order and are asked for your number to receive updates on it, you wouldn’t expect to suddenly start receiving promotional messages two days later. Right? It is natural that in a situation like this, anyone would have the impulse to unsubscribe. Why? Because you didn’t sign up for promotional messages, you just wanted to check your order status.

That is why it is important to show people as clearly as possible that they sign up for a marketing list before entering their number on the site, sending a text using a keyword or filling out a paper form. In a nutshell, no one should feel surprised when they receive a promotional text from you.

3. Send a welcome message to new subscribers

You can use automatic replies to set up a message that is sent immediately after someone subscribes. Use this as another opportunity to set your expectations. Tell your contacts what they are going to receive and get them excited about becoming members of your subscriber list.

4. Personalize messages

Before sending a campaign, ask yourself the question: “Would I talk about this to a friend?” If the answer is no, you should probably change the message. For example, you would reply to an SMS saying: “SUPER SALE: 20% discount on your first visit. You have to call us today to make an appointment.” Looks pretty intrusive.

Imagine, however, getting this message instead: “Hello, Maria. Our experts are available this week. Would you like to make an appointment? We offer 20% off all appointments completed today.”

The message itself is the same, it still includes a discount, it still has a sense of urgency. Despite that, the reaction will be different. Including the customer’s first name is incredibly easy to do, especially on the SMSO platform, but the impact can be huge

Also, the fact that the message includes a question shows the customer he has an option, nothing is forced, and moreover, he is in control. This technique is highly effective in increasing the reply rate and reducing the unsubscribe rate. No one could say STOP to someone who asked politely if you would like to take advantage of a limited time offer.

5. Segment your audience

A recent study found that the third most common reason people unsubscribe from messages is that they consider content irrelevant to them. In this matter, one solution is a segmentation of the audience. This allows you to deliver personalized, relevant and useful content to your subscribers.

Bărbat care citește grafice de segmentare a publicului

Source: Pixabay

With a list of subscribers organized in segments, customers will only receive texts that are relevant to them. Accordingly, they are much less likely to unsubscribe. The better and stronger the segments are consolidated, the lower the unsubscribe rates.

It is important to invest time in increasing the list of subscribers. However, just as important, if not more so, is to keep your current contacts engaged and excited and your unsubscribe rate as low as possible.

In summary, we at the SMSO believe in the power of respect for the customer. We therefore consider that treating him fairly and respecting his privacy are key factors to his happiness as well as to that of companies. Therefore, if you are interested in a courteous and efficient communication with your customers, register on the SMSO platform. You receive the first 100 SMS for free.

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