SMSO Summer Internship Program

SMSO Summer Internship

Short company description

Bring your talent and passion to SMSO – Every business, before anything else, needs sales, sales and sales! Let your personality shine and sharpen your skills in order to make it happen! This is a great opportunity for you to prove that business is easily possible if you learn from the best and test it real mode.

Nooh Media was born out of passion for the telecommunication services, but also out of desire of making the world a smaller place, by bringing people from all over the world closer.

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SMSO is the place you want to be, as it can take you to the highest point of your career as it is so far. However, this experience is not only about helping you bloom into the bright businessman or woman we know you can be, it also is about us growing together.

SMSO is the youngest project of the NOOH MEDIA company, just as young as you are. Like you, after these 2 years since we’ve started this project, we both have taken important steps in our careers. You chose to become a student and we launched a product and services that people needed and soon became one important subject in the business world of Romania.

However, we are still at the beginning of our journey, but we know that by working together with bold and talented people we will be able to step ahead in order to find new horizons. Considering all the above, you can now see what SMSO is about, a great team and even greater things that need to be achieved. Therefore, if you are a person who aims to reach for the stars, we are the right place for you to start your future career in business or even entrepreneurship. Come on, join us!


Are you a final year student or a fresh graduate with a passion for business and technology? Apply for a 3 months internship program in our team, where you can get a real touch of what daily activities of a company look like, and also get a chance to become acquainted to the life of a real business manager!

What we offer:

  • 3 months paid internship (July – September)
  • Recommendation letter from the CEO of the company
  • Real business experience in a very dynamic business environment
  • Gain expertise from working with our customers and business partners
  • Get in touch with a very young but skilled team and with a fresh company culture
  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Mentorship and collaboration with skilled professionals
  • Opportunity to be part of teams working on internal projects
  • Opportunity for a full–time job offer at the end of the program


Ideal candidate:

  • Graduate/ Final year student from ASE Management, Marketing or Business Science
  • Computer literate and ability to communicate over the phone and email.
  • Passionate about technology, business or marketing techniques.
  • Availability to sustain a full time program
  • Strong critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Lots of enthusiasm and sense of humor!

Are you interested in this opportunity?

Apply by sending your CV using the form below and a brief introductory letter to our email address [email protected].

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