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SMS Gateway: All you need to know about this service

Companies often use the SMS gateway service to systematically and efficiently send text messages to their subscribers or customers. However, not all business owners understand the concept that underlies the SMS gateway service, even if it could be beneficial to them. Therefore, this article aims to increase the understanding that marketers have of the SMS gateway software and of ways of using it.

SMS Gateway — How does it work?

It is obtained from an SMS provider. The software allows users to distribute any number of texts at a time. In order to send text messages to customers or subscribers, users also need access to the Internet. Using the software on your computer might be the easiest option, but it can also be run on a mobile phone or a tablet.

A company that has its own CRM software makes the provider’s API the best way to go. This is because it easily integrates into the client’s system. Consequently, it allows a company to automatically send SMS using current software. Therefore, mobile phone numbers can be added or removed in all used programs. They can be added individually or in folders by using a plain text file or an Excel spreadsheet that contains all the numbers that need to be added. With these databases, you can later send personalized campaigns to different types of audiences. That is why a rigorous sorting of customer data is important. All these actions can be easily done in your account on the SMSO platform.

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Depending on the purpose of using the software, buyers should consider the features available in the different types of software. For example, if a file contains the same mobile phone number several times, some programs automatically remove these doubles, saving a lot of time and hassle.

SMS Gateway — Operation in technical terms

In technical terms, the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) deals with sending and controlling text messages. It is responsible for the transmission and storage-transmission of short messages between an SME (Short Messaging Unit) and the mobile station. If the recipient’s phone is turned off, SMSC will send the message when the phone is turned on.

The problem is that these short message service centers use different protocols to manage SMS operations over the network. If they do not support the same protocol, users will not be able to exchange SMS messages. Here is where the SMS gateway service comes in. SMS gateways are used to interconnect SMSC protocols by mobile operators.

In addition to mobile operators, SMS gateways are used by developers. Each mobile operator buys its SMSC from infrastructure providers such as Nokia Networks, Samsung and Huawei. Once the carrier has this equipment, it customizes it to its needs. This leads to interoperability issues. To receive and send bulk SMS messages, you need to connect your application to the SMSCs of various mobile operators. One option is to adapt your application to each SMSC protocol. However, it slows down and complicates the development process.

Instead, you can use an SMS gateway that manages connections to different SMSCs. SMS gateway settings can usually be changed to support multiple SMSC protocols. Using an SMS gateway shortens development time.

SMS Gateway — What are the real benefits of the service?

Studies have shown that SMS gateway software increases sales and revenues. However, it also has uses other than promotion and sales. It is also used for direct communication with employees and customers.

This kind of service can prove to be extremely useful. Especially when the goal is to cut costs. Why do we say that? Because sending a text message from one phone to another can be expensive. This is precisely why, because text messages sent on the Internet are not as costly, web to SMS services are extremely cost-effective. Also, using the Internet, it is easier to send larger volumes of text.

Most types of SMS gateway software allow users to create their own template. This means no more typing the same message over and over and sending it to people of interest every month. What you need to do is simply upload the SMS template and press the button to automatically resend the message.

SMS Gateway — Is it a safe option?

Companies that use SMS gateway software do not have to worry about security. This is the responsibility of the SMS provider who makes the software available. For this reason, we place high value on the GDPR regulations and privacy and data protection. In this respect, we also provide GDPR consultancy to our clients, precisely to ensure that all actions comply with the current regulations.

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Types of SMS Gateway

There are three types of SMS gateways:

  • Web2SMS — It allows sending SMS messages from websites and web applications to mobile phones.
  • SMS2Email — Allows you to connect your phone number to an email. When you receive an SMS, an email notification is sent. Then you can send SMS messages directly via email.
  • SMS2Skype — Allows you to send and receive SMS messages to a Skype number.

Taking into account all of the above, we can state that the SMS Gateway service is a useful tool that helps companies to reach a large group of customers simultaneously. Fortunately for you, the SMSO platform provides this service, along with all the others required to easily transmit SMS marketing campaigns. All you have to do is register here.




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